Talking Shop With Rick Rule

On my latest pod, I chatted with Rick Rule, a mining industry vet and one of the most successful metals investors over the last 30 years, particularly in the small-cap space. 

Our conversation delves deep into the current landscape of the precious metals sector, addressing key issues that significantly impact publicly listed juniors and venture capital. We explore macro trends, the flow of capital in the speculative junior resource space, where junior miners should look to make acquisitions, and much more. These are all crucial topics for CEOs and IR teams seeking to stay ahead in the mining industry.

While the primary focus of our conversation was not on marketing mining and venture capital opportunities, the podcast offers a wealth of insights for CEOs and IR teams seeking to secure funding for their mineral projects. Rick provides detailed explanations of the types of mining opportunities institutional and retail investors are interested in, as well as the jurisdictions he believes offer the highest potential for success.

The Liquidity Challenge

During the pod, I also bring up the most significant challenge on the TSX Venture over the last two years: liquidity. With inflation eating into disposable income, I ask Rick about the prospects for volume improvement for mining issuers. Spoiler alert: Rick’s outlook is surprisingly bullish, backed by historical context.

Rick Rule: A Wealth of Mining Knowledge

I’ve been learning from Rick's wisdom for the better part of the past decade. His knack for pithy, memorable one-liners keeps things lively, and his candid reflections on past mistakes and lessons learned offer a treasure trove of knowledge for investors, fundraisers, and CEOs alike...

Sometimes, the only difference between good and so-so content is the ability to occasionally make the audience laugh. Rick delivers in spades.

Enjoy the pod,


Aaron Hoddinott

Investor and marketer willing to take big swings at bold ideas.

Aaron Hoddinott

Investor and marketer willing to take big swings at bold ideas.