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With over a decade of experience marketing and investing in early and development stage companies, Maximus has seen radical innovations, worked with brilliant entrepreneurs, and witnessed the transformation of industries. However, one constant has remained since its inception: early and development stage companies struggle to attain a large and engaged audience.

With over decade of experience marketing and working with early and development stage companies, Maximus has seen radical innovations, collaborated with brilliant entrepreneurs, and witnessed the transformation of industries. However, one constant has remained since its inception: early and development stage companies struggle to attain large and engaged audience. 

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For startup to obtain an appropriate valuation, it needs to be exposed to plethora of market participants (including investors, media, and institutions). That’s why Maximus aims to broaden audiences for select companies in the early part of their growth stage. new and exciting company should be judged by mass audience – not just few VCs or high net worth individuals. large group of investors enables the potential for truer price discovery. 

For a startup to obtain an appropriate valuation, it needs to be exposed to a plethora of market participants (including investors, media, and institutions). That’s why Maximus aims to broaden audiences for select companies in the early part of their growth stage. A new and exciting company should be judged by a mass audience – not just a few VC’s or high net worth individuals. A large group of investors enables the potential for truer price discovery.


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